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Xiaomi Mi 9 versus Samsung Galaxy S10: A Brief Comparison

Xiaomi Mi 9 versus Samsung Galaxy S10: A Brief Comparison

Two names that have made it to the news for their looks and features are Xiaomi and Samsung. Both the brands have launched two new phones that are definitely a steal for many. While for a few, Xiaomi may win the race while for many Samsung may win. There are a lot of similarities between the two. We are confused about which one to recommend as they share a few common features. If you are dwindling between the choices, you should continue reading the blog and find more about the two smartphones.
Comparison between Xiaomi Mi 9 and Samsung S10
Processor and RAM

Both brands have used Octa-core processors. That may be a common point between the two; however, there is a difference in the values used. Samsung Galaxy S10 has 1.9 GHz octa-core whereas Mi 9 has 2.84 GHz. RAM capacities are quite the same in both. Galaxy has 8GB RAM and Mi 9 has 6 GB RAM. The internal storage for both models is 128 GB. The processor is manufactured by Samsung Exynos and the processor of Mi 9 is manufactured by Qualcomm Snapdragon.
Camera Spec
Something that we can’t ignore is the number of rear cameras attached to both the phones. There are three. Galaxy S10 has 12 MP, 12MP and 16MP whereas Mi 9 has 48MP, 12MP, and 16MP. There is a huge difference in their front camera. Mi 9 wins the race in this with 20MP whereas Galaxy S10 has a 10MP front camera.
Display and Touch screen
A spectacular feature that every branded phone needs to ensure that it lives up to expectations is the display. The display size of the Galaxy S10 is 6.10 inches whereas, for Mi 9, it is 6.39 inches. Both are touchscreen phones and that goes without saying. The protection used for Mi 9 is Gorilla. The screen resolution is different for both models. Galaxy S10 has a screen resolution which is 1440×2960 and the screen resolution for Mi 9 is 1080×2340.
Operating System
One of the most important features that we can’t ignore any new launch or for that matter, even an old phone is the operating system. The operating system in both phones is Android 9.0. It is the latest operating system that one can know of and has grColorsiciency.
Colours to Choose
One spec that can bring about a huge difference when it comes to choosing the right phone for us is the colour of course. Usually, one is limited to a few colours that are available during the launch. The best part about both the phones is that both the brands have introduced several unique colours that are not otherwise found. The colours that you can choose to buy in Galaxy S10 are Prism Blue, Prism White, Prism Black, and Prism Green. If we look at the colours of Mi 9, they are Holographic Illusion Blue, Holographic Illusion, and Deep Grey.
Apart from the jarring differences mentioned above, there are many common features that both the models share with the buyers. A few of them are the number of SIM slots available, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB type, SIM types that can be inserted, face unlock feature, fingerprint sensor and more to point. These common features may be confusing for every buyer eyeing on both the phones but willing to buy only the best out of the two.
Samsung is an established brand and Xiaomi being a new and upcoming brand, the competition narrows down between the choices that one can make. The fact that we are comparing an established brand with an upcoming brand is, in itself a point that one can’t ignore. Both the models are expected to be launched in April. The price factor may be driving force to pick the one model that will be less expensive. Mi 9 is almost half the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 with all the features intact. This can also turn the table around and give the users a benefit of doubt which one to choose.
Have you made your choice yet? If not, this comparison can be what you had been waiting for so that everything is crystal clear. Good luck with your next buy that will change the way you have been using your phones.

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