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Things you must know about Samsung Galaxy Tab S5

Things you must know about Samsung Galaxy Tab S5

It has been a while that people have stopped using tab. This is due to inconvenience in carrying from one place to another and of course, most tabs don’t suffice the comfort of talking to people unlike on phones that are handy. Samsung is willing to change the way people have been using tablets or tabs by giving a new dimension. Samsung is all set to unveil the latest Samsung Galaxy tab S5 to the world and drop everyone’s jaw for many reasons indeed. Let us know of the five things that will be of your interest other than other basic features.
The tablet is going to be launched in the month of March this year. The best part about the launch is that people who have been waiting to buy something pocket-friendly in terms of the Android tab is here. The latest tab by Samsung will be available for people from the UK in the second quarter and this is indeed news that will make most of them happy and joyous.

Screen Size and Resolution
People like to opt for tabs over smartphones as they are bigger in size than phones. This also makes it an important element that contributes to the buying decision. Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a screen size that is 10.5 inches. We won’t be wrong to say that is double the size of most of the new and old smartphones that we usually hear about. The pixel density is 287 PPI. What more can one ask for?
Slim is the new cool
Everything that is big and huge is not cool. It gets uncomfortable to use and carry. This tab is extremely slim and light. The look itself, without the features, can make you fall in love with the tab. There is no second thought about it. The width is 5.5mm while the weight is 400 grams approximately. That makes it for one of the most desired tabs one can afford this year.
When you have a bigger gadget that allows you to capture photos, you want the best. Samsung offers a decent photo quality this time with its Tab S5. The rear camera is 13 MP while the selfie or the front one is 8 MP which is quite a decent one. Photo lovers will go beyond the smartphones and capture some of the coolest photos and that too on the big screen.
It is a tab by Samsung that is the first one to feature a new benefit and that is Bixby. It is another name for Convenience. There is no doubt that Bixby will allow you to use your tab in a better and convenient manner. It is a revolution in the field of interaction with your smart device. Users can wait for this feature and be wooed by it actually. Bixby will also allow your home devices connected to be controlled in an easy and smart manner.
If not the best of all the tabs in the market, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 is sure to win the hearts of many who love sleek and slim products. The tab looks attractive and has attractive features. The icing on the cake is the price that is rumoured to be cheaper than other versions available. The craze for tab has definitely decreased. We can’t disagree that Samsung is on its way to bring the craze and desire back with wonderful and attractive features in the upcoming launch. People of all age will love using the tab for the convenience it will provide together with the beautiful promise.
The tab will be an ideal choice for those collegegoers and office professionals who have been using netbooks. The netbooks can be replaced by the upcoming tab for the screen size and the slim feature. We already carry things to work and college. This tab will suffice as a gadget that will consume lesser space and will be lighter comparatively.
There are many smartphones getting launched this year and that too in the first quarter. You can have a look at the launch of this latest tab by Samsung and see if that changes your mind.

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