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Apple iPhone 14


Get a Tempered glass absolutely free with iPhone screen repair

Replacement part used : New
Repairs available for colours : Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
Service Description: Read in the “Faults related description” tab below
Feedback from eBay: We maintain 100% feedback, check it out in the eBay Feedback tab below
Payment Option: Cheque (Bank or Postal), Paypal
Shipping Option: Royal Mail – Economic, Special, International
Warranty: 30 days warranty (Subject to No Physical or Liquid Damage)
Avg Repair Time (Postal Repairs) : Same Day Return, but could be delayed due to unavailability of spare parts or due to postal service
Avg Repair Time (Walk-in) : We do Complete LCD Screen Replacement, within 25 minutes. Other repairs take 45-60 minutes.
**Water Damages and not powering Phone/Device are not done on While You Wait Basis, since they need a proper inspection.






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