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iOS latest update 11.3, What you need to know

iOS latest update 11.3, What you need to know

iOS, as we all know, is the operating system for Apple products. With every new version of the iOS comes new challenges and the journey for iOS 11 has not been so great. The earlier two versions iOS 11.1 and 11.2 have been taking the beating due to many reasons. This is where the new version iOS 11.3 has been launched. The new iOS 11.3 is a great one as everyone discussed it. It is said to be a big leap in technology and that it would change the way every Apple product would function. But should you update it now immediately is the question. This is only because the previous releases have been not that great as planned.
iOS is the latest update and has a size of 703 MB as compared to the previous versions. Size is a concern for such devices as the newest updates are always larger in size and consume a lot of space, ultimately asking you to either change your device or stay with the version you currently have. It was released for the new iPad 2018 release but is now being used for iPhone 5s or later along with iPad mini 2 or later and the 6th generation iPad touch or later products. If you have the right Apple product for the update then it would prompt you to update to the new version and download it. But if you must not have received the update yet then worry not as you can do so manually by going to the settings and finding the Software Update option in the General tab.

What are the Deal Breakers?

Just like other Apple products your product would also need jailbreaking. And with the newest update of iOS 11.3 jailbreaking is now become easy. You would still see that battery life is almost the same as you see on your current device. You can easily expect the previous versions to have many issues and the same goes with 11.3 where graphic glitches are common and Apple music bugs and notifications that are false will not leave your trail. The new addition of invisible keyboard sucks as you barely can see it. It also has random Siri activation which are not the need of the hour. This is all common with the earlier versions of iOS 11 as well. So, it is up to you to decide whether you should take the plunge or not.

What to Watch For?

But this would not mean the iOS 11.3 has nothing to watch for? It would give the users a complete control of their device otherwise. With the new ARKit 1.5 support to give you a more realistic experience with your iPhone and the battery life is just perfect for all animojis to be enjoyed for iPhone X users. You would also see bug fixes along with stability benefits. It has many great features such as the Advanced Mobile Location which would help track your location automatically when making an emergency call. Apple News would have a For You section which would help you to see personalized videos and content. App Store has been refurbished for better updates and you can now see the update sizes in apps when you go for upgrade apps.
You can install the iOS 11.3 right away if you have battery issues. This would clear the concern and give your iPhone a new life. It is up to you to hold on or get an update right away as there are pros and cons in this version as well. The work is still on at Apple’s end to make all the bug fixes and give a smooth sailing iOS operating system to its uers.

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